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Crossfit in Cambridge

Welcome to Crossfit stags and Does the original crossfit gym in cambridgeshire.

We have a great community of members and are based in Milton, north of Cambridge.

We aspire to get everyone fit so welcome people of all fitness levels.

What is Crossfit

If you want results and like to be challenged mentally and physically then CrossFit is the answer.

It is a mixture of gymnastics, Weight lifting and metabolic conditioning. The combination of exercises means our Crossfiters become strong and fit in all movemnets.

Our sessions are structured to improve your flexibility, improve your technique and increase your fitness in every possible scenario.

Check out the Getting Started section for what’s next.

Crossfit class structure

5-10 minutes on warm up and increasing your flexibility.

20-30 minutes on Technique, Strength or Power, we really focusing on teaching perfect form before increasing the wieght.

5-20 minutes WOD (Work Out of the Day) – a tough workout, its always competitive so squeezes the most out of your training.

Stretch cool down and high fives.

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