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Fantastic race by our athletes, Duncan came 7th Overall, Rubin won the final race & Paul completed the race with no shoes! Great running by Nic & David— at Milton Country Park.

This years race was held in Milton country park, just 300m from our box in Milton. We regularly have our members running in the park so we knew the course well.

The obstacles were fantastic, Each obstacle was around 300-600m apart. The first was 6 hurdles, then a 20m sand bag carry, then a quick swim, then atlas stones to cary, then a long swim around 100m, then Im getting a bit muddled here, a cargo net crossing another swim, rope climb, spear throw, 10m monkey bars, tunnel crawl, 100m crawl under barge wire then weight pulls , pyramid climb and fire jump to finish.

It was fantastic fun I highly recommend it.1606955_533335370145970_2224233790838676872_n 10288759_10204815090756921_4907184959583566540_n 10377152_533337433479097_5921403918267041364_n 10419590_10154550692915048_5627163635991083950_n 10514466_10202053430097657_4852154521242017656_n 10553796_10202053428577619_2480016686708064859_o 10606261_10152674049641885_9031951257997302236_n 10612599_10154550692730048_5486940317987147041_n 10628337_10154550695340048_4703071574775055722_n 10645308_533336336812540_8118625070134138930_n 10646961_10152674049636885_5080753980121319588_n 10647076_10202763268339676_1534439769899049698_n 10653465_10202763269259699_6057714087808581662_n 10670127_10154550692990048_2557579671770354761_n 10696200_10202746073949827_6325293710249389389_n 10698474_10202053429097632_2251347943404001291_n 10703779_10202763268099670_1318515862096834459_n Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.45.36 SRCSp14AM00026-X2 SRCSpAC00049-X2 SRCSpAC00051-X2 SRCSpAC00052-X2 SRCSpAC00053-X2 SRCSpAC00054-X2 SRCSpTW00050-X2

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