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Last month I was contacted by Brittney Saline for an interview about how we named our crossfit Box for the crossfit journal.

The Crossfit Journal is such a fantastic resource for athletes, box owners and coaches and has really helped us over the years. So this is a fantastic honour for us. Brittany picked our box because our name really stood out to her and she wanted to hear the story on how it was created.  This is saying a lot as there are so many cool box names out there.

It was great reminiscing how we started, and how far we have come. Thanks for everyone who has been part of our gym over the years.


Here is our part of the article:

Sometimes a name is just as much about what it doesn’t say as what it does. When Duncan Boltt and his business partner at the time decided to open an affiliate in Milton—a small village just north of Cambridge in England—they chose to name it after an animal known for its strength and speed.

“We both picked a stag, which was really funny,” Boltt said.

He hired a friend to design a logo and bought a domain, and when the doors opened for the first class in 2012, he scrawled the gym’s namesake workout on the whiteboard: The Stag.
“And one of the female members was like, ‘Is there not one for women?’” Boltt recalled. “And I was like, ‘That was for men and women—oh dear.’”

Wanting to be inclusive and welcoming to all, Boltt shot into motion, emailing CrossFit Inc. with a plea to adjust his affiliate’s name, halting logo production and tearing down his website. A few days later, CrossFit Stags became CrossFit Stags and Does.


Today, “We have a fantastic community of men and women,” he said.

Though Boltt now laughs easily about the whole affair, he cautions new affiliate owners to consider what message their names might unintentionally convey.

“I think you can accidentally put a lot of people off with the wrong name,” he said. “I am so glad we are called Stags and Does, as we could easily have accidentally ended up being a lads gym.”


Check out the full article here:



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