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Sport news 6-7pm. Thursday 29th – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire


I (Duncan) was invited to the drive time show, talking through local sports news and also discussing Crossfit as a sport and its applications to other sports.

The Show was great fun, Sue Dougan & Steve Jackson made me feel very relaxed and comfortable on the show. It was a full hour so I really got to see how Sue ran the show. Initially I was a little worried about talking over people and was trying to time my comments on the gaps but on the first break they said to just wade.

We discussed everything from local rugby, cricket & golf to the benefits of crossfit and how because of the timed and measured competitions in crossfit it can be seen as a sport. This makes it unique in the fitness industry and really makes our members push hard and train like athletes with a purpose more important than just looking good.

Sue has even tried & enjoyed a couple of our classes and really got stuck into our WOD (Work Out of the Day).

It was a great opportunity to talk about crossfit and get the sport out there to a new audience. Thanks again to Sue & Steve.





You can still listen to the program on the BBC radio Iplayer below, the sports news program starts 67 minutes in :

Duncan on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

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