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Monday 18th –> 23rd February 2019

First week of The CrossFit Open!

Notes from Head coach –

The last week of our 7 week block finishes with the CrossFit Open starting this Friday!

For the next 5 weeks we will be dedicating Fridays to the Open workouts. This means the programming reflects that and is mainly aimed at members competing in the Open. There is a brief outline of how the weeks will look below, giving a guidance for each day whether you have entered or not.

If you HAVE entered the Open: I highly suggest you plan your week and make sure not to over train leading up to the day. Monday to Wednesday will be normal days, but if you tend you get DOMs (muscle soreness) 2 days after training, then take an active rest day Wednesday. One other tip would be to move your body on Thursday, try not to take a complete day doing nothing. Get your heart rate up a little and push some blood around the body. We want everyone to have fun doing the Open workouts and ensure they’re happy with their effort on the day! You will still need to book your space into classes as normal.

If you’re NOT signed up: No problem, it’s not for everyone and we know that 🙂 You can hit all the workouts in the week with all you have! Thursday is a lighter day than normal, so just come in and crush it rather than taking it easy.

I hope everyone really enjoys the next 5 weeks, it’s a fantastic event and a special time in the CrossFit calendar. Let the games begin!!


Monday: Normal training day

Tuesday: Normal partner workout/training day

Wednesday: Normal training day or potentially rest if doing Open

Thursday: Lighter day / Active recovery / Movement

Friday: 19.1 Open workout

Saturday: Rest if doing Open or active recovery session

Sunday: Rest if doing Open/Active recovery or Olympic lifting class





Monday 18th February


Overhead squats – 16 minute E2MOM

4 OH squats (32 reps total)

Start light building weight each set, no tempos.



Open workout 14.1

10 minute AMRAP

30 Double unders / 60 single unders

15 Power snatches 35/25kg





Tuesday 19th February


10 Minute EMOM

Min 1: 8 Deadlifts @ 50%

Min 2: 10 DB/KB Push press (5 each side)



Partner Workout – 20 Minute AMRAP

Only 1 person can work at a time on the HC+J and T2B.


Buy in: 400m run with partner (Must run alongside partner)

Then complete as many rounds in the remaining time as possible;

30 Synchro burpees

20 DB/KB Hang clean & jerks 22.5/15kg

10 T2B





Wednesday 20th February


9 Minute EMOM

Min 1: 8-10 Strict pull ups / inverted ring rows

Min 2: 1 max set of Strict HSPU

Min 3: 1 heavy Turkish get up each side



4 minute AMRAP

Max cals Bike or Row


1 min REST


4 minute AMRAP

10 Box jump overs 24/20inch + 10 air squats


1 min REST


4 minute AMRAP

Slam ball


1 min REST


4 minute AMRAP

10 Ab-mat sit ups + 10 superman rocks

(19 minutes in total)




Thursday 21st February

Active rest day for members signed up to the Open

Foam roll / mobility / prep for Upper back and calves. (15 mins)



4 rounds for quality

15 power cleans 40/25

30 DU / 60 singles

15 Down/ups




Friday 22nd February

Open workout 19.1




Saturday 23rd February

Workout and Strength announced on the day

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