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CrossFit programming 25th Feb 2019 (2nd week of the Open)

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25th February –> 2nd March 2019

Second week of the CrossFit Open. Check back to last weeks programming article for recommendations about training during the Open. If you haven’t signed up, then continue as normal and hit each workout as you wish. Thursdays are active recovery days during the Open.


Monday 25th February


4 sets

3 OHS @ same weight you worked up to last week for 4

Rest 30 seconds

6 Front squats at same weight

(Rest 3 mins in between sets)



EMOM 20 min – Choose a weight/scale that allows you to perform the amount of reps stated every time.

Min 1: 8 snatches 45/30kg

Min 2: 12 pull ups

Min 3: 8 HSPU

Min 4: 15-30 second wall sit



Tuesday 26th February


10 Minute EMOM

Min 1: 7 Deadlifts @ 60% (slightly heavier than last week)

Min 2: 10 DB/KB Push press (5 each side, same weight or more than last week)



‘You go, I go’ 16 minute AMRAP

Take it in turns to complete 1 whole round each, alternating. This needs to be fast, hit each round as hard as possible. Rest when your partner is working.

12 ball slams

9 hand release push ups

6 box jump overs



Wednesday 27th February



Min 1: 6-8 strict chest to bar pull ups

Min 2: 8-10 ring dips

Min 3: 6-8 strict toes to bar



Chipper for time (KB swings are full American swings)


200 DU

50 KB swings 24/16kg

25 ab mat sit ups

150 DU

40 KB Swings

20 sit ups

100 DU

30 KB swings

15 sit ups



Thursday 28th February

40 minute EMOM

Moving at a smooth pace throughout, no more than 80%.


Min 1: 10 burpees

Min 2: 20 glute bridges with 2 sec pause at top

Min 3: Cals Row 15/12 or Bike 14/10

Min 4: 10 supinated ring rows + 5 push ups

Min 5: 20 air squats



Friday 1st February

Open workout 19.2



Saturday 2nd February

Workout and Strength announced on the day

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