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Crossfit programming 30-04-18

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Warm up
squats with bar
5-5-1 Ecccentric, isometric concentric
Clean warm up
Jerk skills – 2 second pause in dip and catch

Every 2 mins for 8 mins

2 Clean & Jerks

Every 2 mins for 6 mins
1 x Clean & Jerk

Pairs WOD Open workout 12.3
18 mins to be completed in relay format relay format:
15 Box jumps
12 push press 50/30kg
9 toes to bar

SC press ups / K2C


Dead bug
Monster walk
Good mornings – Focus on core and posture

Deadlift Every 3 mins
3 x 3 x 90%

300 double unders for time
Every time you break
5 Pull ups
10 press ups

SC 100 double unders/ attempts EMOTM 5 pull ups, 10 press ups.


Coach l-sits & turkish get ups

EMOTM for 8 mins alternating
L-sit holds (boxes) -15-20sec
Turkish get ups – 2 each side

20 cal Row
20 cal Bike

WOD 8 mins climbing
Chest to bars
Ring dips

SC Pull ups/press ups


Warm up

Then with light weight from floor EMOTM for 5 mins

Snatch high pull, Muscle snatch, Power snatch, Snatch

Every 2 mins for 10 mins
2 x Snatch – Climbing only with quality
Every 2 mins for 6 mins
1 x Snatch – continue climbing with quality

Take 5-10 mins to warm up squat snatch as class

The couplet
3 rounds for time
30 wallballs
30 hang squat snatch 30/20kg


5 rounds climbing
8 Back rack Lunges

4 rounds For time
200m run
5 Power cleans
5 front squats
RX 50/30kg
SC 40/25kg

Warm up
Tabata double unders

8 Minutes alternating Handstands on wall & pull ups

Strength Cleans Coach cleans – Build to heavy 3

WOD: 12 Minute am rap
4 x burpees
6 x Front squat -Barbell
10 x Push press
RX = 20/15kg

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