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We have the opportunity for a skilled & experienced massage therapist to build there business within a well established crossfit gym. We are looking for a massage therapist who will be able to start running their own business here straight away.

About the gym

We have been running for over 3 years and have a fantastic community in the gym. Our members are competitive and when they get any aches and pains we actively refer them to a therapist. The gym has  rowers, full height gymnastic rings, climbing ropes, pull up rig including a monkey wing, tractor tyres, sledge hammers, battling ropes, sledges, slam balls, wall balls, kettlebells, dumbbells and a lot more.


Our intermediate class ready for the WOD

Our intermediate class ready for the WOD

We are located in Milton, North cambridge. Our location is excellent for the science park, Milton, Histon, north cambridge & Chesterton and being just off the A14 its so easy for people to come to us.

What we are looking for?

This is a unique opportunity and a good one so we are looking for someone who is very good at what they do, so we can refer our members with confidence to them. They will need to be self motivated, and spend time in the gym so we can introduce you to our members.

Our previous therapist was kept busy by the members in the gym, but also brought in their own customers.

Its an exciting opportunity for someone to build their own business with confidence, and also support as part of a fun team who are constantly learning and training together.


Room rate is £7/hour – unlike most room rents we will be sending a lot of customers your way.

As you become more busy, full hire of the room on a monthly fee is longterm our goal from an effective therapist as it will reduce the cost for you and simplify the work for us.


How to apply?

Please also send a cover letter detailing about you & your experience.

Please apply by email only to:


Find out more about us:



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