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Monday 18th –> 23rd March

Week 5 of the Open (last week of the Open and this block)





Monday 18th March


3 Sets

4 Front squats @ 70-80% (build over the 3 sets if you need)

Rest 30 seconds

8 Back squats at same weight

(Rest 2/3 mins in between sets)



For time


Single arm DB/KB snatches 22.5/15kg

Pull ups

Hand release Push ups





Tuesday 19th


8 Minute EMOM

Min 1: 4 Deadlifts @ 75% (slightly more than last week)

Min 2: 10 DB/KB Single arm strict press (5 each side) @ tempo 20X1



20 minute AMRAP

Partner workout (When one partner works, the other rests. Split work as required)

30 down-ups

40 T2B

50 DB/KB OH walking lunges 15/10kg





Wednesday 20th


Min 1: Max effort unbroken muscle ups (bar or ring) / MU transitions or drills

Min 2: Max effort kipping HSPU / HSPU drills/practice

Min 3: 30 second forearm plank



Every 2 minutes for 20 mins:


0:00-2:00: 100 DU/ 200 SU / 30 attempts

2:00-4:00: 40 Sit ups

4:00-6:00: 30 Wall balls 9/6kg

6:00-8:00: 30/24 cals Row or 20/14 cals Bike

8:00-10:00: Rest





Thursday 21st 

This is a fun one, but taxing on the legs. If you are planning on doing the Open tomorrow, go light and cruisy on this one to just sweat. It’s a great wod to work on your OH mobility. If you’re not doing the Open, test yourself as this is a fantastic workout. No time-cap.



5 rounds for time


3 Squat Snatches 45/30kg

15 OH squats 45/30kg

400m run



3 x 8-10 barbell roll outs with the bar you used for the WOD

Rest 2 minutes between sets




Friday 22nd 

Open workout 19.5



Saturday 23rd 

Workout and Strength announced on the day



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