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We had a fantastic day at Milton Summer Farye yesterday. Thank you to all the people and members who came to chat to us and also take part in our 2 challenges.

Medicine ball throw contest

DSC00371 DSC00373

We had over a 100 people take part in the Medicine ball throw contest, The chance was to win one of our T-shirts for the longest through in the 3 Categories.

Womens 6kg Ball

  • Won by Kirsty Sparks throw of an impressive 7.05m
  • 2nd Leah Walfan 5.28m
  • 3rd Sadie Norman 5.25m


Mens 10kg Ball

  • Was won By Rich Hardy an impressive 8.16m
  • 2nd Chris Henton 8.00m
  • 3rd Gareth Johns 6.98


Under 16 4kg Ball

  • Was won by Byran Sparks 10.08m!
  • 2nd Thomas Johns 9.25m
  • 3rd Connor Barnes 7.92

Just realised two of the winners are from the sparks family. Those Sparks can throw! Well done.

With the Grip strength Competition:

We had some strong grippers step up.

Mens Grip winner

For the males Sam Marleet stepped up with the first test of the day and set an unbeatable score of 72 on his left and 74 kg on his right.

Womens Grip winner

For the women Divina Altman won this with an impressive 47 kg grip.

Under 16 grip winner

For the Under 16’s Bradley Altman 48kg Grip strength proved unbeatable.

Again another family the Altmans won tow of the grip contests. Shout out to the Altmans. Also Sam genuinely has the strongest grip I’ve seen on that test and his partner Sadie came second in both the grip and third in the throw so impressive.

Thanks agin for such a fun day and special shout out to Mike and Lynne for helping us run the stall all afternoon.

Heres all the pics we took:


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